Making eyes...

The art of giving someone 'the eye'

So, you are at the bar and you see this lush piece of eye-candy walk in the door…you sit up in your barstool, lean over the bar slightly so that your cleavage is presented on a platter for all to see, and get ready to give him 'the eye'. This is that sleepy, 'come over here you sexy thang', buy me a drink immediately kinda look. It is often accompanied by the slight up turning of the corners of your mouth into a subtle and cheeky smile, or by an attention-grabbing straw-into-mouth manoeuvre.

Making eyes at someone is an art, and since we all practise it so often it has become an art we are all quite good at. When you make eyes at someone you are in essence being a bit of a car - you are flashing all the right lights at the right moments and stepping up a gear, you are picking up that Lada arse of yours and morphing into a sly and seductive Jaguar. And while that analogy may sound a little testosterone-filled, it actually quite accurately describes the action. Cars these days are made to attract attention - and this is what giving someone the eye is all about.

The Do's -

Ah yes, this is the fun bit…trying, inventing, fine-tuning, and perfecting those little moves that are all part of 'Making Eyes…'

1. Start subtle - look at him and see if he catches your eye back. It is important to establish whether there is reciprocal interest before you throw all your eggs into one basket.

2. Position yourself so that you are in his direct line of vision. This increases opportunity for eye contact

3. Look in his direction unusually often. If he sees you doing this it is a good indication of your intentions. If he happens to be looking in your direction at the same time, it ain't coincidence honey!

4. Draw attention to your mouth - suck seductively on the straw of your Seabreeze, wet your lips with the tip of your tongue, or apply lip balm (not too often or he'll think your lips are dry and yuck!).

5. Show your inner wrists - play with your hair, or your earring. Be warned however, these actions must be subtle, playing with your hair and getting gum in it like some bad Hollywood spoof is just tragic - don't try it at home!

6. Laugh and smile - it is important to show how radiant you can be, laugh or smile at something your friends are saying. Men find a good smile dead sexy.

By far the most important step is number 1. Always try to ascertain as early as possible whether there is reciprocal eye action, if there isn't then I suggest you move your attention to someone who wants to give you the eye back. There is nothing worse than spending the entire evening looking like a prat for eyeing up someone who is obviously not eyeing you up!

Now, there are some important DON'TS to be aware of -

1: Never give a guy the eye if he's quite clearly with a girlfriend - cos that's just rude! Making eyes at a guy who's taken is the most commonly broken rule. We find it hard to resist the primal urge to compete; after all if we successfully stole a guy from another chick it would be a huge ego boost! But we all know that that is wrong, and that it's not something to be proud of. So girls, it's best if we suppress those particular competitive streaks and stick to making eyes at the singles out there.

2: Never make eyes at a guy your friend has expressed an interest in - it's called 'mowing a friends lawn', and it's just not done. It shows a huge lack of class, not to mention respect. Once the words "Oh God he's cute, I want him" come out of your mates mouth, that is when you swiftly switch off your blinkers, hide away those headlights and sip your drink non-seductively in the opposite direction. Even if you think he's hot, your friends are far more important, so keep those sleepy bedroom eyes to yourself tonight!

3: Another useful no-no to be aware of is making sure you don't make eyes at people who you aren't interested in netting. This may be fun for you, you may get practise in your craft, but it sure isn't fun for the guy you are using as a guinea pig. Don't get back at all those bastard men by leading them on and then brutally rebuffing them in front of their friends. It is important to remember that using the magic of the eye is a privilege that shouldn't be abused. We were blessed with this 'pulling power', so let's use it sensibly eh!

It is important to be aware of your moves while making eyes at someone, because if you have ever caught yourself in a mirror while doing it you will realise how goofy it can look. It is all about getting someone to focus their attention on you, so not looking like a complete and utter retard is very important (unless that's the look you're going for?).

Eyeing someone up is an ancient art; it is a safe, seductive way to flirt. The eyes are the windows to the soul, they tell a lot about a person. If you are not used to the practice of 'making eyes' then I suggest you get out there and observe the masses - they are all doing it! Run your eyes down the bar and pick out who's eyeing up whom. Watch their technique and note their success rate! It's all about using your eyes to learn the art, then using them to test the art. Good luck you sexy people - go forth and work those bedroom eyes baby!

Just remember - it all comes down to being brave enough to look at a complete stranger in the eye and hold their gaze. You are the Jaguar, turn up those headlights, rev the engine, and play chicken! Are you brave enough?

- © Hannah O'Reilly